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 PWOT Rules

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PostSubject: PWOT Rules   PWOT Rules Icon_minitimeTue Jun 10, 2008 11:32 pm

PWOT: Website Rules

The following is a list of things that will not be tolerated on PWOT.

1. Disrespecting a staff member.[warned, infracted, etc]
2. Posting any type of Virus.[=banned]
3. Hacking other Members.[=instant IP ban]
4. Racism.[=infraction, then banned]
5. Spamming, flaming, trolling, and grave-digging.[=post/thread removed, warned, infracted, banned]
6. Advertising.[=post removed, warned]
7. Creating multiple website accounts.[=all but main account removed, main account infracted]
8. Speaking any language other than English. If I can't understand what your saying, don't say anything at all.[=your post/thread removed]
9. Cross-Posting. [Cross-posting refers to posting new duplicate threads or posts, or the linking to threads or posts already started by the member with the intention of gaining exposure.]

thanks, PWOT Admin.
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PWOT Rules
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